Briefly about me…


Hello everyone, my name is Salomé and I am the writer of this blog.

I am a devoted and very enthusiastic educator who leads a bilingual pedagogical institution in Switzerland. I am grateful that my education was a combination of many educational systems. Which? Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, England, Spain, Germany… Thanks to this international educating background now I am able to speak fluently 4 different languages.

I got over 15 years of international pedagogical experience as a dance teacher and a very open minded educator. I got a BA degree in Culture Anthropology and Pedagogy, a Dance Teacher, a Life- and Family Coach, a Doula and an Aromatherapy Diploma. Of course I did also many different kind of workshops and advanced studies in the pedagogical, dance and psychological fields but it would be a long boring list, so I will save you from this 🙂

Because I grew up in a bilingual environment and I also work in a bilingual institution I decided to write my blog in two languages (English- German) in order to demonstrate how bilingualism works and how cool this is.

My goal is to convey knowledge about children, early childhood, parenthood, education, psychology, bilingualism, leadership, dance, modern education, art, aromatherapy and all the things which I love and live. I would like to share all this what I have with you.  …

Ps.: Due to ethical reasons and data protections I will use bought pictures and fake names in my Blog!