The importance of early childhood


Today I would like to share some thoughts about the meaning of education. I guess the hardest job in the world is to be a good parent and/or to be a good educator. We are still not aware how important is to receive a good education. By the term good education I do not mean high reputed institutions like Harvard or Oxford. I am talking about the long and hard way in order to become a good human being in this world. We can learn a lot of things in school but nobody show us how to deal with our selves. How to learn to co-exist with ourselves and how to help ourselves in difficult situations.

A good education could start from the beginning of a pregnancy. Is very important how we connect to our baby how we talk, how we feel. Working as a doula I learned a lot about how important can be a good and healthy connection to the baby. Like the old Greeks sad, all things are somehow connected. The moment of our birth has a way bigger effect on our life than we think. The family in which we are born educates us unconsciously, mostly through their role model how to be a real human being in this world. But what is the mean of a real human being? This always depends on our family’s point of view (religion, culture, language…etc.).

That´s why early childhood is so important. Most of the countries do not value properly early childhood education. For me, early childhood, is the basis of learning and developing for a human being.

As educators we can help and guide children and provide them with role models. Some parents are not able to deal with the whole being a parent situation, so the only savior for these children is the nursery, in which they spent most of their day. Here children learn how to behave in a group or in a pedagogical institution. They learn to eat with fork and knife, how to be independent, go to the toilet and take their shoes on. But the most important thing about early childhood is, that they learn to be a human being. In this early age we still can help them in order to differentiate some behaviors which later would get them into trouble. I always imagined early childhood as a plant. You need to take care about this plant every day. You need to water it, nourish it, and love it in order to grow. Sometimes you need to cut back the sick leaves and take out the weed which would kill the plant. If you take care every day, then you will see a beautiful flower to grow before your eyes.