Early childhood and Pisa studies


Most people in Switzerland compare early childhood education with a nanny job, but it is much more than that. This job it is about growing and helping that plant to be a beautiful flower. To take care about somebody’s needs in the childhood it is very simple: food, sleeping and changing diapers. Early childhood is not just about taking care, it is about learning, developing, challenging, trying again and again, find new ways…etc.

From the culture anthropology view we can say, that a country is strong and on a good track, when they realize how important early childhood is. Let´s take for example Sweden and Finland. They both belong to the European Union and have a stable economy. Why? There are many reasons but the main reason is that the state is really taking care about people. Both have a very well developed social system and pay fair salaries with reasonable working hours compared to other European countries. The most important thing is for me that their moto is “less is more and the smallest children should get only the best teachers”.  How is this possible? Sweden and Finland choose only the best teachers with a higher education degree (Ba, Ma) and give them low working hours (6-7h/Day) and high salaries. Their work is very well appreciated from the state, the society and the parents. They have time to relax and make their hobbies, so they don´t really suffer from burn out. A cool blog about the finish school system and life:  https://fillingmymap.com/2015/04/15/11-ways-finlands-education-system-shows-us-that-less-is-more/

If you check out the Pisa studies you will recognize that Sweden and Finland are one of the leading countries in Europe (http://www.compareyourcountry.org/pisa/country/SWE  and http://www.compareyourcountry.org/pisa/country/FIN ).

Why? The answer is rather simple. They appreciate highly early education and the educators as well. Of course we could sometime also discuss the real meaning of the Pisa studies, but right now we focusing on the important facts from early childhood.

If the children of a country receive a good an early development then they will be much more stable and happier in the school compared with their peers all around the world.

As an educator I can´t wish more than this…:)