History of childhood


I like to talk about the history of childhood. 1st and the 2nd World War people where seeking harmony, peace and stability. They dreamt about a time where children can just be children and play all day long…it is a beautiful picture but is still not true in many places of the world.

We wish that our children have the happiest and easiest childhood only filled out with joy and play. Sorry but I have to disappoint you my dear reader. The perfect childhood is an illusion and it does not exist.

Of course there are some countries like Switzerland where children have a much easier life than compared to Congo or China, but believe me, they also suffer and cry a lot just like in Africa. The 1st world countries have also there difficultness with many things. Let´s talk about the 50-80% divorce, the patchwork families or the physically and sexually abused children and that even in the reaches countries we got children how suffer under hunger and serious illnesses… I know is still much better than growing up in a war or working 12 hours a day on your 8th Birthday.

I don´t like to see children are suffering but still I see it day by day and it makes me deeply sad. We wish the best for them because there are our future but still we are not able to change so many things to give them a better start. Education is one big step from which somebody can be benefited a lot even if not so ideal circumstances at home exist. Through knowledge children are able to handle difficult situations in their life. They learn more about their selves and can stand up for their rights. Education is the biggest positive thing in a suffering child’s life, because they get a chance to create something new and better in their lives. With knowledge next leaders can be made and these leaders can fight for a better life for all children. Education should be reachable and free to every child in this world no matter from where they come and which color and sex they have. Learning is the only way to create better life and better humans