New ways to teach


In my last article I wrote how pedagogical work in nurseries changed in the last 5-10 years. Now I would like to continue with my thoughts about this theme but in a much wider aspect. Pedagogic and education have to change generally in many ways. The old school system does not function for many children. The usual 45 or 60 min classes are not relevant anymore. Why? Because generations are changing.

Nowadays we have children who are totally different than we were. These children need more knowledge, more attention, more development… They grow up in a totally new multi, electronical and globalized society where things happen like never before. Children of this new time can deal and handle a tablet within the age of 2. Some of the adults are still struggling with this. Children get learning possibilities through the internet and learn how to use it day by day. This brave new world cannot be without phones, internet and social media. They don´t know how it feels to write long letters by hand and wait for an answer for 2-3 weeks as it used to be in the middle ages. No, they do not have to know anymore, because we are in a new era with many new things. Electric cars, robots, smartphones, internet…etc. and this is not bad. It is very different, but this does not mean it is bad.

These children have a new way about learning and thinking than we used to. This fact gives a big kick to the education and pedagogic and forces them to rethink themselves. Without self-reflections we cannot move forward.

I noticed in the last 5 years that these children need much more from everything, like I already mentioned it before. So when I understood this fact I started to change all my pedagogical programs and projects and started to design and implement new ones. I brought learning materials from the 1st and 2nd grade and started with mathematic, writing and ABC with a very funny, playful need oriented and holistic way (STEM). Sometimes children could participate for 40-50 minutes and sometimes only for 15 minutes because they were much more interested something else. We can´t force knowledge if the children are not open and ready for it. Timing is everything.

Today we need to look in a more holistic way about knowledge and understand that everything is connected with everything. That the numbers are also in the forest day and music is not just only in the instruments, music is everywhere around us and in us.

This special pedagogical way I call the century education, because you let the children ask and participate, the focus is on the learning process, understanding and experimenting. To learn how to work in group with others, how to solve problems on problem based learning. You don´t teach frontal, you go for the circle and the open conversations and dissociations. With this way children learn to be independent and to stand up for themselves and for each other. They gain more trust into themselves and in their knowledge because they get to know their selves and their good and not so good habits. They learn to deal with difficult situations and focus on the solution and not panic. We need to train them in a new way because they will have totally new jobs when they grow up. Jobs that don´t even exist right now. So we need to stand in the present, learn from the past and look in the future…

We need to get the best results from all the different pedagogical ways from the past, put them together, take the outcome and bring it in a gentle and way to the children’s need from today.