Hyperactivity and me 2


What can you do if you are hyperactive and you like to calm down a little bit?

There are many ways besides Ritalin and the other drugs. You just need to find the way which suits you the best. To take pills it may be the easiest way but it is also the most harmful one.

Today I would like to give some ideas and show you as a life coach many different possibilities in order to deal with this situation. Yes, I agree that there are some days in which I am more hyperactive than the others, and during these days I really have to take care about myself because in the end I can´t sleep at night. So in my case there are many things which help a lot.

  1. Never give up on a hyperactive child just because it is different than the others!
  2. Briefing – there are many different methods how to take a brief. For me it is a lot of help if I have nice relaxing music in the background so that I can concentrate 100% on my body and briefing.
  3. Sauna and Wellness- the worm water calm you down and take all the stress out from your body. In the same time you will feel very relaxed and happy.
  4. Massage- I love massages and by the way they are healthy too. Massaging will help you to calm you down and your muscles to relax. Plus it will make your skin really smooth.
  5. Warm salt- I am a person who always has cold feet. So for me it is just like being in heaven if I can put my feet into a really nice, warm salt “bed” and enjoy  the warm which eventually will calm me down and will make me to regain my energy back. If you want to try it out just take 3 kg salt put it in the oven until it is warm (not burning). Then sit in your favorite chair and enjoy it 🙂
  6. Nice music- It has been proved that music can have a big and positive effect on our brain’s function. So good music can change your mood and help to relax. Classical music or smooth jazz can be an ideal choice.
  7. Sport- It is very important for hyperactive persons that they do something focused and beloved in sport. It helps them to take their extra energy out and release the tension. After a dance or work out class hyperactive persons are the happiest people on the earth.
  8. Aromatherapy- it is also proven that nice smells can have a big influence.

I studied for 2 years aromatherapy (French and English Line) and I believe totally that smells can affect us in many ways. You may have noticed that in good shops they use not only nice music but nice fragrances as well. This is targeting to influence them to buy more and more. And yes, it is proven that we consume more with smooth music and smells around us.

Mandarin, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass…they all will help to calm down and feel recharged again. It is important that you find your own personal smell. Even a good perfume can make your mood better in the morning.

  1. Acupuncture & Acupressure- they all help us to find the stress blocks in our body and calm us down. Some people react very well on it, others maybe not so good. You need to discover by yourself what the best is for you.
  2. Animals (dogs, cats) – animals can help hyperactive people in many ways. They can be used as a treatment method but they can also give you a reason to have a structured schedule in your daily life.For example when you have to take your dog out daily for a walk in the clean, fresh air. Walking in the nature is always beneficial.