Are you ready?


Our life would be much easier if people informed better themselves about pregnancy, birth and childcare. There are many books and articles written about the topic but you end up being confused from the overload of information. Which one is the right, which one is the best?

It would be a big relief for me, if somebody would think a little bit more about conception and children. Sometime I got the feeling that many families have children only because they have to. There is pressure from society and the relatives and then from friends who already have babies. Yes I know it is not easy, but it would make your life much easier if you think carefully before you decide to take such a big step in your life.

First you should think about time management. Do you have the time that a child requires? Do you have a decent place for the baby? Will you need to move to a bigger house? Can you afford it? Can you pay a nanny or the schooling?

Second, think about how much the cost could be for rising up a child from birth up until college. Can you afford it? Or are you able to have a savings account for your child?

Third, how would you manage if you have to go to work and your child is ill? Who will cook for you and help cleaning your house if you have an accident and you need to lay 2 weeks in bed?

Fourth, which are the priorities and expectations for your child? Good education? Live a happy life? Do you want to offer sport or music classes? Language or ballet?

Fifth, how would you like to raise up your child? Are you more conservative or liberate? Do you want to use punishment or not? What would you do if your child crosses a line? How would you react? Do you like to give a religious education or a non-religious one?

Sixth, does your partner agree with all these? Are you on the same page? If not, start talking until you find a solution, because children need a clear and structured education. This will provide them a feeling of safety and a good basis to grow up. It can be very confusing if you say something totally different than your partner. Plus it will save you energy and time if you clarify this from the start.