Pregnancy work with doula


Today I would love to talk about how important pregnancy can be. Many women know that this is a very special time in their lives. Sometimes it is a very easygoing, but sometime it can be very hard as well. Depending on the circumstances a pregnancy can be joyful and happy but in the same time the worst thing ever happened.

There is a big change in the female body which cannot be controled. This is sometimes strange. Our hormones get crazy and we can eat a bar of chocolate in 2 minutes. Other days we feel like we have to renovate our entire house and buy new stuff not just for the baby but even for our neighbor.

For the ancient peoples a pregnant woman was considered to be holy. She symbolized the power of creation. Nowadays we are still looking in a different way somebody who is pregnant. We ask her if she needs to sit down or give her a glass of water.

But many societies today cannot accept the fact that a pregnant woman can`t work. In workaholic societies this is the biggest mistake which can be done. It is really crazy for me that on one hand the society wants us to “produce” children in order to continue human race or for the pension money. On the other another hand this society cannot accept a woman’s has pregnancy problems and health issues.

The key of a good pregnancy for me is on a good, relaxed, stress life and communication. Talk to your baby from the first day when you feel you are pregnant. Talk to your baby every day and try to get to know him/her. This gives you a very good basis to build a healthy relationship. You can also sing a good night song to your baby, believe me, they all hear it and they are happy about it.

As a Doula I always suggest to future moms to talk about the birth. We look mostly as a one part action on it, but this isn´t true. It is always a 2 part job between Mom and the Baby. You need to work as a team and you need to communicate with each other to find the best and easiest way to give birth. Probably this is a totally new idea for you, but believe me ancient people knew this already. Your baby has already a personality from the beginning, of course with time personality gets shaped more and more. But the seed of his/her personality is already there… so why would you not talk with your baby? Just because you can`t see it?