Talk to me!


Many parents think that babies do not understand us. This is not true. Children recognize and understand more about their environment, than we can imagine.

To learn our mother tongue it is important to listen and to hear the language every single day. Children learn languages much easier than adults. Why? Children learn words in a playful way through songs and rhythms. They focus on the melody of the language and learn it with joy and without any pressures.

When you are an adult and you try to learn a new language, most of us have difficulties. There are many reasons for it. First of all we learn a language in school under pressure. The second reason is, that we learn a lot of grammar and this is not really interesting. Last but not least the most important reason is, that we are not learning in a playful way and we try to learn a language in a frozen situation in a classroom not in our living place.

If you wish that your baby speaks well and correct his mother tongue, than please speak to your child every single day. Sing and tell him/her poems and stories. This helps you to build a good and trustful relationship with your child and supports the language skills.


 A happy child (Anonymous)

My house is red – a little house
A happy child am I.
I laugh and play the whole day long,
I hardly ever cry.

I have a tree, a green, green tree,
To shade me from the sun;
And under it I often sit,
When all my play is done.