Dance & Culture


In my next article I would like to present some of my project ideas for nursery and kindergarten level. One of them is connected with movement. It is very important that children can move and learn how to move and control their bodies. To learn where are there limits and were they can go on. This knowledge we call body awareness.

In my project dance and culture I convey knowledge about different cultures, music and movements. Each culture has his one way how they move and use their body with music. Through this knowledge children are more open and tolerant to other cultures and learn about the beauty of human diversity.

I start this project always with a small video presentation to show children how other children dance and move in different countries. They are always very excited about it. It is like a new world would open his doors for them with a lot of colors and new sounds they never heard and saw before. First we learn some basic steps and postures from the classic ballet to see how different we can use for example our feet and toes. Than we learn how to use our arms and fingers with some playful imaginations, for example move your arms like a tree in the storm or fly as a butterfly. This basic knowledge will guide us to the other cultures and dances and will give us a neutral basic to compare.

After this we can choose several countries and cultures for example Spanish, Russian or African and work with their dance movements and music. With the help of the video presentation children can imagen and understand much more why other cultures are moving differently and have another body language.

If you have time and energy you can make a small choreography with different dances or the group can choose one certain dance and shows their new body knowledge. Having a small show is always good because children learn to present their selves and their group. They get more confident about their knowledge and about themselves.