Explore the world!


The best way to learn is trough playing and exploring. This two components are very simple and the most effective ones. Learning nowadays it should not be under pressure. Many scientific research proves that children learn better and longer if they are interested and enjoying the process. To support this way we should offer new exploring ways in history, mathematic, sport, geology, chemistry and biology. It is also proven that children learn much better if they have a positive emotional connection to the class theme and less but not least to their teacher. We often like or dislike a class because of the teachers personality and connection to us. So be aware about your personal impact on the children and the theme.

A great experience is to use microscope in the class room. Go with the kids in the forest and collect some interesting things and take them under the microscope. Let them discover the different of the size, shape and colors. After the discovering they can take a piece of paper and draw the things what they saw. If you plane a longer project with microscope I suggest to tinker a work book in which children are able to collect they memories and drawings about their learning process with microscope and nature.

Going to a museum with a magnifying class could be also very interesting and funny. To see stones, animals and plants from a different kind of view is always very exciting. You can even use colored glasses to see the world from a new aspect. After this experience is interesting to discuss how children now see the world. What is different? What is new?

Exploring small things with covered eyes can be also very interesting. You can offer some small objects for example stones, nuts, dried pasta and cotton pads. This experiment is promoting sensorimotor skills and support imaginations.

So, go on and explore the diversity of this beautiful world!

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