Consulting for me is a very special way of guiding. In order to help people I have to start from the present. The whole process is not a substitute for psychoanalysis or theraphy. You start always from the point where you stand right now. I will not tell what is the best, because everybody has his own life and their own solutions. What I can do is to show different options and possibilities from the point where you stand. I believe that we already ‘carry’ the right answer inside us but sometimes we maybe stand too close to it and we can not see it. As a consultant, I will take a step back and try to see you from many different angles so I will be able to show all your possibilities.

Consulting is a service to guide people into a better and happier life.

As a consultant I am specialized on families, children, education, pedagogy, culture & religion, intercultural and international conflicts and problems, expats in Switzerland, leadership, team & teambuilding, career development and last but not least life coaching.