What is a doula?

A doula, also known as a birth companion, birth coach or post-birth supporter, is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, to provide emotional support and physical help if needed. They also may provide support to the mother’s partner and family. Unlike a midwife, doulas are not medical professionals and therefore cannot administer medication. Doulas are typically certified with some courses taking over a year to complete.

Continuous support during birth from a person outside the mother’s family or social circle, such as a Doula, is associated with reduced mortality rates, improved overall health of the mother and the baby, shorter labor time, reduced risk of a C-Section, and a lower need for medical interventions such as instrumental delivery or pain relief. Support from a Doula may also reduce mothers’ negative feelings about their childbirth experience. Some doulas provide postpartum support, for example assisting with housework, cooking, and offering help with learning to breastfeed.

Being a doula is a very special quality and call in my life. It came in an early stage when I was around 2-3 years old and I knew I would like to be a midwife. During my school time, I was more interested in history, literature and music than biology or chemistry, so I took a different path and studied cultural anthropology and pedagogy at the university. But the call came again and I decided to apply for a doula training in Hungary (Békés Dúlakör, Budapest) which change my life completely. Since this, I am working as a doula in many ways.

I am offering my consulting and service (in English, German, Swiss German, Hungarian):

  • for family planning
  • prenatal support
  • abortion support
  • after birth planning
  • work & life balance for parents (also for Fathers)
  • coaching in education and school choices (also explaining the Swiss School System)

I am a friend of European Doula Network and