Pedagogy is our future. We are all well aware of the fact at the learning process is crucial for the development of a human being. This learning process can be proved valuable as we raise the future generations. Albeit this nowadays is taken as granted, still there are many countries that refuse to pay the needed attention on it, because economy and politics seem to matter more.

Pedagogy needs to be flexible and to adjust to every generation’s individual needs, that´s why I call the new pedagogical movements the 21st century’s pedagogy. Children´s nowadays need another way of learning and teaching. They are able to use internet and iPad from the age of 2-3 year, so they have much more access to a wider knowledge pool. We need to guide them and help them in order to use this knowledge wisely and in order to learn how to choose the important information from this mass load. The robot invade will lead to the creation of jobs which do not even exist yet. We need to prepare them in order to learn how they can be to be sociable and how to work with different people, which may have a very different culture background than they have.

The right to education is one of the children’s fundamental rights.

Every child despite their color, sex or religion should be able to go to school, learn and develop their own self perception and perceptions about the world.